“As Far As I Know subscribes to traditional roots songwriting, but bends the rules slightly by subverting traditional sounds with intimate singer/songwriter blues tones” ” - Ryan Hoffer, Shuteye Records A&R

— United State of Americana

Press Democrat Article

by Shelley Shepherd Klaner

Promo for the KPCA Petaluma Folk Series Television Broadcast

Drew appears on the program to play live several songs off his "As Far As I Know" CD.”

— KPCA Petaluma Folk Series Television Broadcast

Drew James "As Far As I Know" is selected for inclusion in the program's 4th Annual "Best Music You Never Heard. (Drew's note: I submitted a song the next year but they passed on me because "I had been heard")” - Pete Wilson and Brad Kava

— KGO Radio AM 810 in San Francisco

“On his The Last Second Chance CD (2006), Drew James has created his own music realm, attractive and hospitable to any Real Music lover, no matter his or her genre preferences. Strictly speaking, the album is recorded in a folk-rock key, but there's so much True Blue feeling in every track that they sound "more Blues" to me than many of the "canonized" 12-bar standards. The arrangements and performance are tasteful and natural, and the production is simply perfect (a George Martin level work done by guitarist Bruce Kaphan). To those yet deciding whether to buy or not this CD, I'd say it'd be one of their best investments, a "long term" one - the more you play this record, the better it sounds. Drew James' music world is a place to stay - "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".” - Paul Bandarovski

— Midnight Special Blues Radio

Drew's "Last Second Chance" Album is selected for the pre-film theatre soundtrack and played for festival goers.”

— Toofy Film Festival

Drew appears on the program to do a rare interview and to talk about songs from his new CD "Way Beyond The Maze”

— KDVS Radio 90.4 FM "Saturday Morning Folk" program (UC Davis, California)

Drew appears on the show to be interviewed and to perform songs off his new CD "Way Beyond the Maze” - Jerry Lunsford

— KWMR "Hippie From Olema" Radio Show

Listen to Drew's KZGM Radio Interview with Butch Kara (9 Part Interview)