1. Mama Mia

From the recording The Last Second Chance


Mama Mia
Drew James © 2006
When I was only six years old
My brother was a three-a
We were looking through my papa's drawer
To see what we could see-a
Beneath the socks in a jewelry box
Was a big ten cent cigar
We lit it up, had a few puffs
And my mother walked in the door and yelled
Mama, mama, mama, mama
Mama, mama mia (X4)
When I was 12 years old
I had a friend across the street-a
When his parents weren't home
We stole his papa's vino
I drank too much and I upchucked
Right in front of the house
My mama came out and began to shout
“My poor little boy is soused” she yelled
Mama, mama, mama, mama
Mama, mama mia (X4)
Now I'm grown away from home
My other stayed behind
But we go to lunch once a month
And have a glass of wine
When the waiter says, “Hey Lady,
What is it I can bring ya?”
I asy, “Hey matey, that's no lady
That's my mama mia” I say
That's my mama, mama, mama, mama
Mama, mama mia (X5)