From the recording The Last Second Chance


That Old Friday Night Feeling
Drew James © 2005
My first job was at an Omaha meatpacking plant
They started me out on the swing shift
Just a bit above minimum wage
I remember at the end of my first full week
Smelling the ink on my paycheck
As I drove out the company gate
There’s was something fresh in the air
It ran like the wind through my hair
It lit up the sky like an independence day flare
It was that old Friday night feeling
Welling up inside of me
A feeling almost too good to believe in
Oh, my outlook gets back on the mend
When my baby’s waiting ‘round the bend
With that old Friday night feeling
It’ll carry us into the weekend
And the best part of my story comes at the end
After near ten years on the same loading dock
I noticed the shipments got fewer
And the layoffs were not far behind
After near six months on the unemployed line
I got a call at home from my foreman
Sayin’, “Drew, come on back to the job”
Last Monday I was back on the dock
Now it’s Friday and I just punched the clock
And there’s an old friend riding with me tonight in my truck
It’s that … (Chorus)
Now I’m coming around the bend
Down the block there’s a small piece of land
And there with my baby is where my story will end
With that …(Chorus)