1. More

From the recording Mystic Rhythm Fingers


Drew James © 2005
When I landed on the shore the soil was soft beneath my feet
The sun was golden warm the air was clear and sugar sweet
Above a wooded hillside flew an eagle through the sky
The beauty of that moment merely whet my appetite
I wanted more, I wanted more, I wanted more
They came with tides of welcome sharing all they had to give
Without words I could tell what they spoke was live let live
They showed me to the fountain where great spirits rise anew
They led me ‘cross the mountain well before they ever knew
I wanted more, I wanted more
More, though my pockets were stuffed
I wanted more, I just couldn’t get enough
I wanted more, I wanted more, I wanted more
I felled the mighty timbers that rose high above the ground
I dug up gold and silver that was begging to be found
The valleys, hills and rivers that I conquered were renamed
The people I encountered were the savage to be tamed
I wanted more, I wanted more, I wanted more
Once each mile between the seas was under my control
History wrote destiny not a country that was stole
The tribes all were rounded into lands I didn’t need
I took the richest earth and left them with the dust and weeds
I wanted more, I wanted more
I stepped from the casino after all was finally lost
It was way too late before I realized the cost
When out comes a well dressed man with skin of red
I asked him how this happened, he said “Don’t you understand?
You wanted more, you wanted more”
More, when your pockets were stuffed
You want more, you just couldn’t get enough
You wanted more, you came for more, now you got more
More than you bargained for
More than you bargained for