From the recording Way Beyond the Maze


Love on the Outside
Drew James © 2006
I waited but I couldn’t take it
It felt like someone else was walking around in my shoes
On your island my demons were silent
But now you’re gone and I’ve nothing else to lose
You'll pass always through my heart’s hallways
My portrait of you still hangs upon my wall
Its colors fading and time’s erasing
The hope that someday soon
Like a bolt out of the blue
Mine’s the next number that you’ll call
I continued to place my faith in you
When your promises were only made out of straw
Expectations without foundations
Leave you hanging even after you fall
You kept your feelings in when love got on the outside
The game was lose or win and I guess you felt that was alright
Mine’s the next number that you’ll call
Colors fading
Time’s erasing
Is it goodbye
When love is on the outside
Love is on the outside