From the recording Way Beyond the Maze


Beyond the Maze
Drew James © 2006
I’ll meet you on the straight line way beyond the maze
Breathing in the fresh air high above the haze
When we hear the answers will we be amazed
There along the straight line way beyond the maze
Abraham, Isaac and the holy ghost
Tied up satan to a hitchin’ post
Left him in the hot sun scratchin’ at the dust
But he broke loose now he’s comin’ after us
Stella heard the thunder blowing in the breeze
Turned her eyes to heaven and she fell upon her knees
The rain came down in a mighty flood
And buried her world in a sea of mud
Sodom ruled his land with the pistol and the sword
Grew his army to a mighty hoard
But his generals never heard his battle cries
Cause he was brought down by a pack of lies
Donald built a prison on an island in the sea
Well beyond the borders of common decency
He swore to the people that his methods were humane
Then half the population was marched away in chains
Daniel saw a vision at the blind crossroads
The apparition said there’s a message to be told
Daniel wept as the spirit moaned
Be careful of those devils wearing Jesus’ clothes