From the recording Mystic Rhythm Fingers


Better Off Than Before
Drew James© 2008
She liked to be the girl everybody adored
He’d just as soon be left alone and completely ignored
But she turned out to be the one he tried for
He turned out to be the one she cried for
It seems that love was just blame in its earliest stage
Now he seeks out the crowded places
While she’s drawn to the quiet places
And they both claim they’re better off than before
She tried to play hard to get when he asked her her name
He didn’t know she was only playing a game
He started to leave with his head hung down low
She reached out and grabbed him by his elbow
A story they would tell to their friends again and again
While she would tell it romantic and glowing
He would joke I should have kept on going
And that’s what he did when it finally came to an end
She took a job at the mall when her tears were all dry
He happened to shop there one day and he was totally surprised
They traded those years of sweet romance
For, between them, one awkward glance
He looked for the candle in her eye but there was no flame
As he turned around to go
He waited for that gentle touch on his elbow
But this time she just let go on his way
Now they both claim they’re better off than before