From the recording The Last Second Chance


Ahead on the Highway
Drew James © 2004
Ahead on the Highway (X3)
Big ass Cadillac, top down
2 lane drifter
I’m right on her back, hell bound
Look out sister
A foot from her bumper
I signal that I’m comin’ around, round, round
She flips me off
And pushes her pedal to the ground, ground, ground
Ahead on the Highway (X3)
She goes half a mile, top speed
Then flashes brake lights
I come up behind, high beams
She’s in my sights
I veer to the left
And give my engine a thrust, thrust, thrust
She cuts me off
And leaves me back in her dust, dust, dust
This situation will never come to no good, good, good
What the hell is she packing under that hood?
Ahead on the Highway (X3)
I’m back on her tail, again
This is an outrage
There’s a passing lane, ahead
And I’m on a rampage
I fake to the left and she tries to impede
So I pass her on the shoulder in a blaze of speed
I gaze in the mirror to glare my delight
But all I see is that trooper’s red light
(Slow down - Then stop)
So I pull over by the side of the road and watch as that big caddy goes tooling by doing 55
Yeah, there she goes …
Ahead on the highway (X4)