1. You're the One

From the recording Beside Myself

“You're the One” is a secret proclamation to love when it seems it just can't get any better – when all pistons are firing. Rich Kuhn's does a masterful job drawing from Paul McCartney's barrelhouse piano style. Bruce's hand clap percussion turned this tune into a mover and shaker.


You're the One
Drew James ©2018

Your the one who makes it right
I dream of you sometimes when it isn't night
Just for love or just for fun
Either way your enough to turn me on

Let me whisper in your ear
Come close so you can hear
Let's keep this between me and you
Your the only one I've told these secrets to

Your the one who understands
How to make me feel just like a man
No need to talk, no need to fuss
Just to be with you is always enough


Your the one who knows it's time
I swear to God sometimes you can read my mind
And on me you can depend
I'll be your lover and your best friend