1. Time Flies

From the recording Beside Myself

The album begins with “Time Flies,” a song about the passage of time and the stages of life. Though not a religious song, Drew's song characters are the son, the father and the spirit – the same ones that make up the holy trinity. He explains, “As man's life unfolds over time, it transforms from child (or son), to adult (father) and finally to just a memory (or spirit) left to those who outlive him. So an individual's life passes through a “trinity” of stages mirroring the religious concept of the trinity. Time is the vehicle that connects one stage to the next.” Dallis Craft's angelic backup vocals add perfect support to the lyric.


Time Flies
Drew James ©2018

I am the son
I'm the dreamer
I'm a student
Of the true believer
I'll play your game
Burn like a flame
In the end a joyful sadness will remain

I'm the father
I'm the healer
The protector
And the teacher
My lesson's plain
It is contained
Here within this simple song's refrain

Flies away
Into the night
Without saying goodbye
Steals away
In its flight
Some part of my life
Out of bed I climb
And live what's left behind

I'm the spirit
I'm the stranger
Don't be alarmed
I pose no danger
All of my roads
Lead high above
All I'll leave behind will be pure love

(Verse 1)