1. The One

From the recording Beside Myself

“The One” is a romantic ballad about the innocent adolescent longing for love. Drew draws from the emotions he felt when he was 12 years old and a cute new girl moved next door during that summer. She made it known right away that she was attracted to him. The feelings he experienced were all very new and confusing. She and Drew spent the summer together and then in the Fall she and her family suddenly moved away. He never forgot her or the feelings she stirred in him. Bruce's piano, Joe Kyle's standup bass and John Hanes' snare brushes provide a smooth jazz trio accompaniment to Drew's vocal.


The One
Drew James © 2018

I’d like to be the one
To get your late night call
To whisper on my pillow
With my feet up on the wall
To bid you pleasant dreams
When our conversation’s done
I’d like to be the one

I’d like to be the one
Who wanders ‘cross your mind
As you lie awake
Way past sleepin’ time
To be the thought you hold
When moonlight meets the sun
I’d like to be the one

The one who hears his name
Always next to yours
The one who tells you things
He’s never told before
The one who’s love you make
The one who’s spell you break
I’d like to be the one

I’d like to be the one
To look into your eyes
As you say, “Hey, sweetheart
Where have you been all of my life?”
To know the love we share
Will never come undone
I’d like to be the one

I’d like to be the one