From the recording Beside Myself

“One Thing Led to Another” is the true story of how Drew met his lifelong soulmate, Celeste. Drew knew right away he had finally found "The One,"


One Thing Led to Another
Drew James © 2018

Hi my name's Drew
I'm glad to see you came along
Did you know your name
Is the same as a Donovan song
She brushed her hair back with her hand
Then smiled and said, “Sunshine Superman”

We sat down on the floor
And watched the light show dance across the wall
She drew her knees up tight
Then looked at me with the green light in her eyes
We talked of life and other things
I opened up my heart for her to see


We stayed there side by side
Till the band had played their last song of the night
I helped her from the floor
I put my arm around her at the door
I waited with her for her ride
I held her number as we waved goodbye


That poster on the wall
It's the one from that concert at the hall
Can you read the date
It's 50 years ago today
From that night our love has grown
By fate or chance
Man, we'll never know