From the recording Beside Myself

“Lost In Her Eyes” is nothing more than a young man's fantasy. When he was in his late teens, Drew routinely hitchhiked all around the bay area. The song paints a picture of the real possibilities that lived on the road in that era of free love - at least in his mind. Jelly Roll Johnson's harmonica adds an authentic roadhouse blues band feel.


Lost in Her Eyes
Drew James © 2017

I walked half the day by the highway
No place to get out of the sun
Along she came going my way
She stopped when I held out my thumb

She said she was getting lonely
She hates driving out here on her own
She said she'd like to get to know me
And she was in no hurry to get home

I've travelled alone through jungle
I've sailed the sea by the stars
I found my way fine
Then to my surprise
I got lost in her eyes

Is she the one that I've dreamed of
Her sweet words were filling up my head
She said what she felt for me is true love
Or animal passion instead


I'll be up early in the morning
And I'll hit that road once again
I'll point my thumb whichever way she's going
If I see her driving on Highway 10