From the recording Beside Myself

“California Gold” is a song about the sacrifice's made by those who have chased after that gold over the last 150 years. The common thread that connects them all is their willingness to suffer splitting up their families in that pursuit. It is a phenomenon that is still highlighted by today's headlines. Drew's life story adds further evidence since grandfather and grandmother left a family in southern Italy to chase their dream of a better life in California. Rich Kuhn's accordion and Dallis Craft's backup vocals enhance the somewhat melancholy mood the lyric delivers.


California Gold
Drew James ©2018

In 1849 Christian climbed aboard a ship
He left his wife and family to seek fortune on a trip
Seven months at sea from New York around the Horn
He suffered through the heat, through the sickness and the storms
He was one of thousands more

Searching for that California Gold
Where it all begins
Where the rainbow ends
Searching for that California Gold
Land of the free
Waits for me

Marianne kissed her mom goodbye as she climbed into a van
She dropped out of college when she met that older man
They were heading west to the San Francisco Bay
It was 1967 there was a love-in there they say
Mom cried as they drove away
They were


Magdalena climbed aboard a truck without a name
Heading north at midnight through the valleys and the plains
She's running away from the violence and the guns
There is no future in San Salvador's slums
She cradles her infant son