1. Beside Myself

From the recording Beside Myself

Drew thought he had found "The One" but apparently Celeste wasn't so sure. Shortly after they began seeing each other Celeste decided she wanted to break off the relationship. The song “Beside Myself” captures Drew's feelings during that breakup. The good news is that the breakup only lasted one day.


Beside Myself
Drew James ©2018

Spending my time out of sight
Cry myself to sleep at night
I don't know what went wrong
Things were good for oh so long

Now I’m just beside myself
I don’t want no body else
Now I’m just beside myself
I'm just lying here
Beside myself

The clock strikes upon my wall
Since you been gone time seems to crawl
Nothin' seems, nothin' seems the same
Life's become just a waiting game


Staring into space
I'm so out of place

Are you out with someone
Beside myself?