Screaming At the Sky

Drew James

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The musical vibe of early Tom Waits along with the lyrical intensity of Leonard Cohen delivered to you in a smooth vocal style reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot and Fred Neil

Screaming At the Sky is a one man show with Drew on guitars, harmonica and keyboards, recorded in his own studio. As with his earlier albums, many of the songs on Screaming At the Sky deal with life's unfairness, and also with those epiphanies that somehow reveal to us what's really important. We're going to hear three of the twelve songs on Screaming At the Sky, and we'll start off with one of those songs about life's uncertainties - which happens to be the title track. -- Butch Kara - KZGM- FM Kaleidoscope Program 77 Announcer's Transcript

Drew's music exhibits a very unique style. This derives from his rhythmic acoustic guitar and his "easy listening" clear vocals. You immediately begin to appreciate his clear vocals as Drew draws you in with his storylike songwriting. When decorated with his subtle but effective harmonica and keyboard accompaniment, the songs tease you into listening again and again -- with the reward of growing more pleasing with each listen. You will not be disappointed.

Award winning songwriter Drew James performs his solo act all over the west coast, primarily in the bay area. Drew’s songs receive airplay in the U.S. and Europe. His favorite venues are open air fairs, markets and festivals.

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