"Rosalie" - A song I wrote dedicated to Mark Beynon's parents, performed at the Cannery in San Francisco in 2010. A song about everlasting hope.


"So Long" Performed at the Belmont Farmers Market in 2014 (Courtesy of BackporcH Guitars)


"Way Beyond the Maze" performed 12/28/16 at the Speakeasy and American Music Hall in Sonoma, CA. http://sonomaspeakeasyandamericanmusichall.com/visit_us.html 

Introduction by Toby Germano http://www.tobygermano.com






Award Winning Songwriter

Out to Lunch - New CD!

 Stream samples from this and Drew's other CD's on the AUDIO page.

Out to Lunch Added to Pandora Music Genome Project

Drew's newest album release has just been accepted by Pandora Radio and is on track to go live after each track is analyzed in the Music Genome Project. Pandora uses up to 450 distinct attributes before it plays on Pandora. The Music Genome Project powers Pandora. It's the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken.

Stay Tuned!

Upcoming Shows

  • Nov 25
    Willow Glen Farmers Market, 
  • Nov 26
    San Rafael Civic Center Farmers Market, 
  • Dec 2
    Sunnyvale Farmers Market, 
  • Dec 9
    Daly City Farmers Market, 
  • Dec 10
    Newark Farmers Market,