You're So Good for Me

Drew James
Drew James


You’re So Good for Me

Drew James © 2007


The signs along Columbus Avenue

Will light up my way tonight

I can’t stop and talk to my friend down the block

I’ll just shout out that I’m doing fine


When I reach the doorway in front of your place

I’ll count my way up the stairs

I’ll knock as my heart pounds the seconds I wait

Until you’re standing there


You’re so good for me

You are my style

Since we met

I’ve been wearing this smile

I have it made

When you’re by my side

You’re so good for me

You’re so good for me


The moon will paint the sidewalk we take

From your house to Pier 39

I’ve reserved a booth for me and you

We’ll order your favorite wine


As we watch the fishing boats float on the bay

I’ll slip my arm round your waist

Then I’ll pull you tight when the time seems right

And I know just what I’ll say




When that bottle of wine’s almost empty

I’ll pour the last glass for you

Then I’ll place in your hand this engagement band

How I hope that you will say too




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