You Can Cry to Me

Drew James
Drew James


You Can Cry to Me

Drew James © 2006


When blue skies look cloudy from your eyes

And the wind from the mountain smells of rain

When your shadow in the sand seems your only friend

And tonight even that one won’t remain


When the spring leaves start falling from your trees

And the blossoms’ summer colors turn to brown

When your birds refuse to sing and it seems you’ve lost your wings

And you feel like you’re sinking into the ground


When sad and lonely’s all you see

You know you can cry to me


When your sweet dreams won’t get out of their beds

And your secrets all run naked far and wide

When the answers that you seek grow more distant with each blink

And you couldn’t chase them faster if you tried


When your wise men are all made out as fools

And the words you live by all go up in smoke

When you realize though you do not regret things that you do

You still regret the things that you don’t


When a gentle shoulder’s what you need

You know you can cry to me


And when your stars regain their wishes once again

And your back is finally to the wind

When all your tears are finally through

Can I come and cry to you?

Can I come and cry to you?




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