Would You Like To Go Dancing?

Drew James
Drew James


Would You Like To Go Dancin’?

Drew James © 2000


Fifth of six sisters Elvera Marie

Worked at the five and dime five days a week selling perfume

That lined her counter so neat


Her sweetheart was Eddie a truck drivin’ man

An ex-Navy boxer, a tough guy, a joker

But his love for her was as gentle as the rain


He’d tell her he’d be by the store about eight

To give her a ride home, but he’d always be late

But then he’d come in, with a whistle and grin

And lean ‘cross the counter and tickle her chin and say


(Chorus) Would you like to go dancin’ tonight?

The moon’s in the street and the stars are so bright

I’ll shave and find something snappy to wear

While you freshen your lipstick and brush out your hair

If you’d like to go dancin’ tonight


Wedding bells rang on a spring afternoon

Third floor apartment, fireplace, two bedrooms

That Vera quit her five and dime job to keep


As Eddie delivered fresh bakery goods

And cussed at the traffic with a Lucky Strike hung from his lip

His tan tattooed arm in the wind


And every evening as the sun would grow dim

She’d sit by the window waiting for him

The phone call from Eddie, “honey, I might be late”

A rough day, a flat tire, a closed interstate,

But when he’d come in, he’d whistle and grin

And hug and kiss her and tickle her chin and say …




Over 25 years their love affair grew

Then sickness took Eddie, he just couldn’t pull through

So Vera went back to the five and dime store

Selling their perfume, just like before

But now and again, as night settles in

She’ll lean on the counter, with her hands on her chin and say…


I’d love to go dancin’ tonight

The moon’s in the street and the stars are so bright

I’ll bet I’ve got something pretty to wear

I could freshen my lipstick and brush out my hair

If I could go dancin’ tonight (X2)

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