Where There's a Will

Drew James
Drew James


Some people wander throughout life looking for their place. Maybe it is their place only to wonder.


Where There's a Will

Drew James ©2014


My blue eyes melt into the sky

High above my bed

How I wish I can fly

Somewhere else instead


Maybe out near the ocean

My troubles will stay behind

I an wash away the emotions

Tangled up in my mind


I'm just trying to find my way

I'm just trying to find my way

They say where there's a will there's a way


My blue eyes melt in the sea

Rolling across the sand

This place is not for me

This life I don't understand


Maybe in Prescott Arizona

I can rekindle my heart

The desert breeze may be blowing

The seeds of a brand-new start




The bright lights of Las Vegas

The night life of LA

My scenery keeps changing

But I never find a reason to stay


So many roads left to travel

To places I've never been

May my mysteries unravel

Somewhere in the arms of the wind


(Chorus X2)



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