Sweet Magic

Drew James
Drew James


Sweet Magic

Drew James © 2016


The streetlights shine so bright, Tonight

Above the busy city sidewalks

The stars go dancing by, tonight

Everything seems new and different

I can see my smile

Reflecting in her eyes

She touched something in me

Something deep inside

My arm's around her waist

But it's only a taste

Of that sometimes tragic always sweet magic called love


Small pajamaed feet, run by

Through the hallway to the kitchen

Time to say goodnight, sweet dreams

Read a book, dad, something different

In no time at all

They grow so big and tall

You try not to let on

That you worry when they don't call

You risk heartbreak and pain

Cause all's fair in it's game

The sometimes tragic always sweet magic called love


All the summer leaves, turn gold

Above the busy city sidewalks

An early evening breeze, blows cold

But inside it's warm with laughter

We can see our smiles

Reflecting in their eyes

This family's grown and grown

Three generations wide

We started as a pair

Now this full house we can share

Sometimes tragic always sweet magic called love



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