Stumbled on the Truth

Drew James
Drew James


Stumbled on the Truth

Drew James © 2006


We can see

But it’s way too bright

We’ve turned a blind eye so long we’re just not used to this light


We can speak

But words can’t make it right

They all fall in and out of our deaf ears here tonight


We danced around and around each lame excuse

Until we stumbled

We stumbled on the truth


I can reason

But I can’t comprehend

Why this wound we suffered is not the kind that time can mend


I can wish

But I just can’t pretend

The last lines of our story will somehow have a rainbow end




The clock sets foot on midnight at our foolish masquerade

The band strikes up the final tune they have left to play

If we keep our masks in place for just a little while more

I’ll take your hand for one last dance out there on the floor


“Once more for the old times” can be our lame excuse

It’ll be just like before

Before we stumbled on the truth



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