Springtime in Your Eyes

Drew James
Drew James


Springtime In Your Eyes

Drew James © 2010


Lay down your head on my soft feather bed

And speak some gentle words to me

The past has gone away there's no road to yesterday

Tomorrow's an empty canvas for our dreams


When the snow line drops below the hill

When the cold wind blows across the sky

When the ice flows from the windowsill

It will still be springtime in your eyes


Like a bird in the tree you sang your song to me

And I knew that we would never part

It didn't take long before you became that song

And you built your nest deep within my heart








I feel it begin just beneath my skin

When your tender charms come out to play

I've been waiting all the while on your crooked smile

Just waiting to love another day




Until the parade has marched away

I will live to love another day

As sure as the morning sun can rise

It will always be springtime in your eyes


Award Winning Songwriter

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