Sign of the Times

Drew James
Drew James


This song is dedicated to Bob Thompson who worked at the old Rockwell plant. He worked on the space capsule that carried Lance Armstrong and his crew on the first manned moon landing in 1969.   



Sign of the Times

Drew James © 2015


It was me

I was there

I was one of the team

Working class factory

We built an American dream


Send a man

To the moon

The engineers drew the plans

But the ship he rode

Up to the moon

Was made by our blue collar hands



It was a sign

A sign

A sign, sign of the times

It was a sign, sign of the times


I watched it all

From Billy's Bar

In black and white live

In July on the 20th

Of 1969


Pride built up

In my heart

When I saw that Eagle land

And I recall Billy cried

At that small step for man




There's no more

Billy's Bar

And no more factory

All of our blue collar jobs

They were lost cross the sea


It's a sign

A sign

A sign, sign of the times

It's a sign, sign of the times


I just read

In the news

They're sending people to Mars

Although they'll fly 500 times as far

It won't be as big a step as ours



(Chorus X2)

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