Ship in a Bottle

Drew James
Drew James


Ship in a Bottle

Drew James © 2003


Be quiet, the captain is sleeping

The anchor is deep in the mud

The bell in the tower is ringing

It’s morning, but I just can’t wake up


The sailors are all at the harbor

Awaiting the order to sail

But they’re landlocked at port and at starboard

By a clear glass waterless jail


My ship in the bottle

Never goes out to sea

There's nothing as hollow

As a voyage that never will be


I was born in this small upstairs bedroom

86 years ago May

This house is my only heirloom

It protects me from night and from day


Everything I’ve ever needed

Is contained by these windows and walls

But lately I can’t help but feeling

Like a boat with no ports of call


Like a ship in the bottle

I never go out to sea

There's nothing as hollow

As a voyage that never will be


I dreamed last night

That a rising tide

Washed out the downstairs door

And swept me away from this lonely old place

Off towards some long distant shore


My ship left it's bottle

And headed out towards the sea

As this ancient house toppled

I was finally free

I was finally free

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