Prison with No Bars

Drew James
Drew James


Prison With No Bars

Drew James © 2004


Sweet, sweet baby

I really love you so

But sometimes

I just don’t let it show

I could be the man you need

If these bad habits would just let me be


Wish there was someone

That I could blame

But I’m the dealer

In my losing game

With each new hand I sit and stare

But I’ll be damned if I can make a pair


Oh, I know I’ve kept you waiting

There’s no anticipating my next move

It’s been a constant struggle

And this hole I dug will leave me sad and blue

But I’m tossing in my cards

‘Cause life’s become a prison with no bars


My knees went weak

Beneath a neon sign

My throat went dry

And my eyes went blind

In this dive where the pool balls roll

I’ll bury my pride and my self-control



I’ve tried and tried so hard

But it’s all come apart

Because my life became a prison with no bars


Sweet, sweet baby

I really love you so

Sweet, sweet baby

I really love you so


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