Pain And Paradise

Drew James
Drew James


Pain and Paradise

Drew James© 2007


If I were to ask you

Would you answer truly?

Would you smile softly?

Would you whisper to me?

Or would you stare at me in silence

And shake your head in disbelief

Would I regret it for a lifetime?

Would you turn around and leave


Are you the dream that will come true?

Or must I learn to forget you?

Without an answer to these questions

I’ll be doomed to spend my life

Between pain and paradise


If I were to tell you

All the things I want to say

Would you reach your hand and touch me?

And chase my loneliness away?

Or would you question my intentions

Would you believe me insincere?

Would your words come from a distance?

Would you pretend you didn’t hear?




If I were to kiss you

Would your lips be moist and sweet?

Would you draw me ever closer?

Would your passion quickly heat?

Or would your eyes fill up with horror?

Would you break down into tears?

Would you pull away in anger?

Confirming all my deepest fears




If I were to ask you

Would you answer truly?

Would you meet me half way?

Would you lead me up the pathway?

Up the pathway to paradise

To paradise

Would you meet me?

Would you lead me to paradise?

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