Drew James
Drew James


Finding love in life is the inspiration that puts love into the song



Drew James © 2010


I spend my time making rhymes

Is this any way to live?

Sometimes by chance those rhymes start making sense

Other days they just don't forgive

Then life becomes no different than a job

Nothing but a problem to be solved

Then suddenly it all fits like a glove

The answer to my riddle must be love


When you find love

It'll find you happiness

Life can be so sweet

Life can be sweet

Where love comes to live

That's the gift love loves to give

That's the gift love loves to give


I spend my days composing music I can play

Trying to turn my rhymes into a song

Tell me how it sounds there can be no middle ground

It's either right or it is wrong

Some days nothing seems to grow

Other days it all begins to flow

It all seems so simple once it's done

The words and the music must make love




A love songs knows who you are

It'll find you in the dark and knows everything you do

And when a love song speaks it tells the truth



The gift love loves to give


Award Winning Songwriter


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