Long John

Drew James
Drew James


Long John lived in my neighborhood when I was a kid. He was a fearful fellow who became the source of many legends and tales. His death was celebrated in the Italian neighborhood and a ceremonial dinner was thrown where many stories of his strange deeds unfolded.


Long John

Drew James © 2002



Long John are you coming home, its Saturday?

Are bad days ahead?

Bed count at the jailhouse was short one

You were long gone Long John

You were long gone Long John


Armored car delivery at the Nashville Bank

It was a Thursday afternoon

Payroll bag was lyin’ by a sleepy guard

It’s the first hot day in June

Cherry bomb lit with a cigarette fuse

Made the banker run when it blew

The guard said, “Mister, please don’t shoot”

As Long John grabbed the loot

Long John grabbed the loot




Smith and Rockefeller’s Jewelry Store

It was a moonless Friday night

Lock came flyin’ off the back door

As he kicked with all his might

Alarm bell wire had already been cut

At least that’s what old Long John thought

The cops they came they locked him up

The case was open and shut

The case was open and shut




A gun lays here beside my bed

Sleep has been chased from my head

I remember his eyes when I testified

Now his mother says he wants me dead

His mother says he wants me dead




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