Lady Luck

Drew James
Drew James


Lady Luck

Drew James © 2009


She knows the best of me

She knows the worst of me

She knows the ins and outs of all my fragile fantasies

She'd break the bank for me

She'd walk the plank for me

Cross your fingers Lady Luck


She spends her nights on me

She shines a light on me

She does everything to keep from losing sight of me

She takes the bait for me

She ups the stakes for me

Cross your fingers Lady Luck


We'll lay it all down on the line

Spin that big wheel and let it ride

Together we can win

I won't know where I end and she begins


I pull my strings for her

I whisper things to her

I'd put on boxing gloves and I'd climb into the ring for her

I'd sell my soul for her

Then spend it all on her

Cross your fingers Lady Luck




I've built a world for her

It spins and twirls for her

I'd sail the seven seas and every flag I would unfurl for her

I'll bet my life on her

Then pass the dice to her

Cross your fingers Lady Luck


And I feel like my number's coming up

Cross your fingers Lady Luck (X2)

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