I Know What Love Is

Drew James
Drew James


I Know What Love Is

Drew James © 2003


When you told me you love me

You took me by surprise

Now I doubt the intentions

That lie behind your innocent eyes


There once was another

Who used those same words

Then I watched it all shatter

She left me there with nothin’ but hurt


I thought when I met you

All that had changed

But now I’ve discovered

It’s all just the same


I know what love is

It’s a lock with no key

A promise that’s broken

A lie you try to believe


I know what love is

It’s the verse of a poem

That once it’s recited

Leaves you sad and alone


I know what love is

I know what love is


When you told me you love me

Who’d you think you could fool

Cause words ain’t just words

When someone believes that they might be true


But I ain’t that someone

I’ve been through this before

If I told you I love you

You’d laugh and walk out that door





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