Holding On

Drew James
Drew James


Holding On

Drew James © 2011


Frozen fast

In a photograph

Two pairs of eyes

Captured in this picture

Stare across the years


So long ago

Their eyes aglow

Huddled close

For this faded portrait

Before their fate was near


Holding on

What time

Let slip away


She looks so young

His tie's undone

Maybe it

Was taken on the boardwalk

Down by the old arcade


Hand in hand

When love began


Stretching like the ocean

Behind them on that day




I can't resist

Her tender lips

In her arms

I found my redemption

In her warm embrace


Hand in hand

Out on the sand

As the sun sinks down toward the ocean

To steal away the day





As the sun sets

Someone snaps our picture on the Boardwalk

Down by the old arcade




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