Hold On Me

Drew James
Drew James


Hold on Me

Drew James © 2003


Driving South on Highway 9 my curiosity’s about to win

My headlights hit the freeway sign and I exit

To the old hometown again

Morning stars fade to blue

Shadows become the places I once knew back then


The first time I left this town I swore that it was for good

Those words echo through my mind as I drive

Through our old neighborhood

Just like a the prodigal son

As words I once said all come undone

But it ain’t words that I regret

It’s your memory that I can’t forget


Your eyes full of wonder

Glistening in the night

Your lightning and your thunder

And all I left behind

Forever was the promise I could never keep

But forever you keep this hold on me


I trace a now familiar route that winds around the landmarks of our past

My mind becomes the stage where all the good times

And bad times get rehashed

I’m a prisoner of what could have been

Of chances I’ll never have again

So I wander ‘cross this sad old town

Lookin’ for something that can’t be found




Though you live here no longer

This urge to return keeps getting stronger

I’m still tryin’ to come back home again


To (Chorus)X2


You keep this hold on me (X3)





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