Hands Up!

Drew James
Drew James


Hands Up

Drew James © 2007


All night train

I’ll see it in the morning light

All night train

I’ll see it in the morning light


Hiding high above the blind

In a Smith & Wesson dream

When the whistle blows and the engine slows

I’ll jump through a cloud of steam

It ain’t far from car to car

I can make it in one leap

Crawling ‘round without a sound

To where the rich men sleep


Hands up

Hands down

Hand it over

Arms bound


(Repeat chorus)


I hear the wheels and smell the steel

Rise through the crack of dawn

Wait and wait till I hear the brake

Then through the air I come

At 5 o’clock I pick the lock

Into first class I creep

But the plot’s undone when I see a gun

Pointing back at me


(Repeat refrain)


Out of luck like a sitting duck

Cause in the train car that I chose

Were cops escorting wards of the court

In their orange prison clothes

They chained me up with two handcuffs

And now I’m doing my time

The bars of a cell sound like railroad bells

When you bang your head and cry


(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat refrain) (X2)

Award Winning Songwriter


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