Goodnight Cowboy

Drew James
Drew James


Goodnight Cowboy

Drew James © 2007


He made his bed by the roadside

Where he dreamed his American dreams

His boots once of shiny black leather

Were now coming apart at the seams


The coyote howls in the distance

Were closer than ever before

Completely surrounding his position

No place seemed safe anymore


Goodnight cowboy, goodnight

Ride like the wind reach high like the eagle

Above the hills and the treetops to the brown dusty plains

Your saddlebags empty of gold and of silver

As the autumn sun bows to the oncoming rain

You must search for the hopes of tomorrow


Wrapped in a circle of darkness

Feeling so tired and alone

The promise of a brave hero’s welcome

Was the lone star above him that shone


His rifle was loaded with questions

His enemy’s straw men in rags

His orders read “It’s all or nothing”

His defense worn thin as his flag




He stared at the moon and he wondered

Which way he came down this road

His past was unclear as his future

Clouded by the lies he was told


For all his commanders and generals

Thought truth paved the road to defeat

So when war began claiming its victims

Truth was the first one to bleed


They claimed he was felled by the enemy

And they buried the evidence well

But you can’t keep truth long a secret

Cause time will eventually tell




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