Good Morning Girl

Drew James
Drew James


Good Morning Girl

Drew James © 2003


Warm me up in your brilliant sunshine

Burn me alive in your flame

Feed me out of your fertile garden

Wash me clean in your rain


Let me gaze at the silver moonlight

Shining off of your skin

Let me rise in your starry heaven

Wrapped in your original sin


Good morning girl

I want to live in your world

I’ll count my blessings on a long string of pearls

If I can live in your world


Hide me in the dark of your cool, cool forest

Blow me away in your wind

Strand me out in your thirsty desert

Rock me to sleep in your limbs




Blue diamonds shine in your skies

Gold glitters bright across your land

And the pearl necklace hung from the nape of your neck

Has no beginning or end, so




Good morning girl

Good morning girl

Good morning girl

I want to live in your world



Award Winning Songwriter


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