Every Daydream

Drew James
Drew James


Every Daydream

Drew James © 2006


Someday I may finally write

My perfect love song

The one that melts the stubborn hearts

As I sing


But every angle that I’ve tried

Just seems to go wrong

Maybe milk and honey lines

Just ain’t my thing


Some feelings can’t be described

Like the one you give off with your eyes

The one you never vocalize

But somehow lets me know

I am number two to none

Underneath your golden sun

Honey you know that’s the one

That can bring every daydream back home


The poets’ words can never touch

Your skin in moonlight

The painters brush can never stroke

The way your lips can please

The beauty of their works of art

Cannot be denied

But to come close to the real thing

Takes a masterpiece




I can swear

When you're near

What I hear

Is my perfect love song



I’ll keep bringing all my daydreams back home (X2)

Award Winning Songwriter


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