Did You Say?

Drew James
Drew James


He was pretty sure that's what she said  -- now it's up to him


Did You Say?

Drew James © 2016


I have a question that just won't wait

I hope you don't mind I called so late

When I saw you at the party tonight

You looked so fine in that dress so tight

The friend you came with he seemed so nice

I guess that's no surprise


There was a strange look in your eyes

I caught you staring once or twice

As you were leaving at the party's end

You came by and took my hand

But your words I could not understand

As the crowd sang loud with the band



Did you tell me that you love me?

With words I couldn't hear

That loud song filled my ears

Those words I read upon your lips

Touched me like a kiss

I've never felt like this

Did you say that you love me?

The crowd drowned out what you said

I read your lips instead

As you walked away

I fell for you

On the day that we first met

Now I just can't forget

The three words I hope you said


If you don't answer, I'll understand

I'll never mention it again

Look at the time, it's almost three and I've called you with some fantasy

Should I hang up still wondering

What you said to me?



Did you say that you love me? (X2)


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