Coming Home

Drew James
Drew James


Coming Home

Drew James © 2009


Sunrise on the highrise

New light on mother land

My key is in my pocket

Right here underneath my hand


I'm coming home

I'm coming home


Standing on the corner

In a clash of city streets

But I am miles above it

For the world is at my feet


(R) I'm coming home

I'm coming home

I'm coming home

I'm coming home


(C) Once behind my doorway

Lived loneliness and chores

Now that you are there for me

All I'm living for is coming home

Coming home

And I'm coming home

I'm coming home


I'll step into the hallway

Hang my coat up on the hook

I'll find you in the kitchen

With that million dollar look




Someone who I'm sure was smart

Said home is where you find your heart

Even though that may be true

Home has other meanings too

For where we live is just a house

We live within, but we can live without

For me home's anywhere I find

Your heart next to mine






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