Betting On a Better Day

Drew James
Drew James


Betting on a Better Day

Drew James© 2007


The day begins at midnight

Night falls at the dawn

And in between they fight it out

Until the writings on the wall


The full moon’s at its brightest

Just before it wanes

But we all know when the lights go out

It will all come around again


Betting on a better day (X2)


The earth turns like a pinwheel

Round and round the sun

And the sun does twirls around something else

And it just goes on and on


And it works in both directions

If you look in rather than out

What you’ll find is tiny atoms

Every one spinning about


Betting on a better day (X2)


You know it makes me wonder

About this thing called time

Maybe it’s not just a one way street

Nature don’t seem to draw straight lines


And if time were a circle

It would mean it would have no end

Just when we think it’s over

It’s just a turn around instead


And we’ll be headed back to then

Betting on a better day (X4)

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