Bedtime Rhymes

Drew James
Drew James


Bedtime Rhymes

Drew James© 2010


Here’s one for the money

And two for the show

Give me one last kiss

Before I go


A penny for your thoughts

A dime for your a dance

The moon is as bright

As a new second chance


And each little star shines above

With the sparkling hope of your love

Of your love


Make my day

Make my night

Lead the way

With your light

And your song

Full of sad

And sweet

Bedtime rhymes


Here’s two for your company

And three for your crowd

I'm at your door

With my head in the clouds


You fill my ears with promise

You fill my heart with hope

You promise my heart

Will never be broke


Can I take that promise with me

When I leave

When I leave


(Chorus X 2)


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