Bad For Business

Drew James
Drew James


Bad for Business

Drew James © 2006


I grew up a poor boy

Got a job by the time I was twelve

Worked in an ice cream shop when I was in my teens

That was back in the 60’s

So I grew my hair like the hippies

Until the boss man pulled me aside and said these words to me


He said it’s bad for business

And I don't go in for that kind of thing

Bad for business

I just want to hear that register ring

His words made me wonder

Why the American flag ain’t green

I guess good for business is just bad for me


When I graduated

Got a job from nine to five

Which grew to seven to seven then five to nine

My weekends got squeezed so tight

They all fell on Sunday night

So I asked the boss, “Please hire more help I’m dyin’! “




So I took off my suit and tie

And picked up my electric guitar

And taught myself to play some rock ‘n roll tunes

I tried to get a gig at a bar

I told ‘em I could be a star

But the owner said, “With no draw you won’t be playing here soon.”




Now my cashflow is in retreat

And food’s all I know how to eat

And it's bad for business that's bad for me

I guess it’s just business that's bad for me


Well good people

If it’s business, I guess it can’t be fun

And if it’s fun, I guess it can’t be a business

So much for the pursuit of happiness

They just keep giving me the business

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