All Your Riches

Drew James
Drew James


All Your Riches © 1999 by Drew James

All Rights Reserved


Verse 1:

Willie tips his hat to the ladies in the laundromat

As the sun shines off the top of his head

He’s just passing through 34th Avenue

With its shop windows lined end to end

He sees business boy suits and black Spanish boots

And gadgets on the layaway plan

But nothin’ that competes with a day at the beach

And a wine speckled nap in the sand



All your riches ain’t made of gold

And them greenbacks ‘ll make you grow cold

All that treasure you store only makes you want more

Ain’t no pockets on the pants of your soul

All your riches ain’t made of gold


Verse 2:

Willie’s extended holiday began on one sunny day

And has lasted way past 20 years

Every morning’s like new though there’s nothin’ to do

But to dangle his feet off the pier

And the cop on the beat will tap Willie’s feet

To roust him up just before dawn

But then pass right on by without battin’ an eye

As Willie bums change with this song


Repeat Chorus



When his holiday’s done and his place in the sun

Is taken as time marches on

We’ll all forget how much change filled his hat

But we’ll always remember his song


Repeat Chorus


Ain’t no pockets on the pants of your soul

All your riches ain’t made of gold

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