Screaming At the Sky

by Drew James

Released 2012
Road Tested Tunes, LLC
Released 2012
Road Tested Tunes, LLC
The musical vibe of early Tom Waits along with the lyrical intensity of Leonard Cohen delivered to you in a smooth vocal style reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot and Fred Neil
  • 04:26 Lyrics Betting On a Better Day

    Betting on a Better Day

    Drew James© 2007


    The day begins at midnight

    Night falls at the dawn

    And in between they fight it out

    Until the writings on the wall


    The full moon’s at its brightest

    Just before it wanes

    But we all know when the lights go out

    It will all come around again


    Betting on a better day (X2)


    The earth turns like a pinwheel

    Round and round the sun

    And the sun does twirls around something else

    And it just goes on and on


    And it works in both directions

    If you look in rather than out

    What you’ll find is tiny atoms

    Every one spinning about


    Betting on a better day (X2)


    You know it makes me wonder

    About this thing called time

    Maybe it’s not just a one way street

    Nature don’t seem to draw straight lines


    And if time were a circle

    It would mean it would have no end

    Just when we think it’s over

    It’s just a turn around instead


    And we’ll be headed back to then

    Betting on a better day (X4)

  • 03:27 Lyrics Bedtime Rhymes

    Bedtime Rhymes

    Drew James© 2010


    Here’s one for the money

    And two for the show

    Give me one last kiss

    Before I go


    A penny for your thoughts

    A dime for your a dance

    The moon is as bright

    As a new second chance


    And each little star shines above

    With the sparkling hope of your love

    Of your love


    Make my day

    Make my night

    Lead the way

    With your light

    And your song

    Full of sad

    And sweet

    Bedtime rhymes


    Here’s two for your company

    And three for your crowd

    I'm at your door

    With my head in the clouds


    You fill my ears with promise

    You fill my heart with hope

    You promise my heart

    Will never be broke


    Can I take that promise with me

    When I leave

    When I leave


    (Chorus X 2)


  • 04:33 Lyrics Screaming At the Sky

    Screamin’ At The Sky

    © Drew James 2001


    Hey little waterbug swimmin’ all alone

    Crawlin’ on the surface of a dirty yellow pond

    Didn’t see it lurkin’ in the water down below

    Till it grabbed him by his skinny leg and wouldn’t let ‘im go


    Whoa, no place to hide

    Whoa, goin’ for a ride

    Whoa, he said goodbye

    Whoa, screamin’ at the sky


    Poor boy lived up on imaginary hill

    Poundin’ and a-chasin’ everything that gave a thrill

    Middle age came and it caught him unawares

    Kicked him in the teeth and it threw him down the stairs


    Whoa, no place to hide

    Whoa, goin’ for a ride

    Whoa, he said goodbye

    Whoa, screamin’ at the sky


    Papa woke up with the devil on his mind

    Now he’s fast asleep with an angel in his eye

    Goodbye papa with the slammin’ of the door

    Mama used to hate him now she loves him evermore


    Whoa, no place to hide

    Whoa, goin’ for a ride

    Whoa, he said goodbye

    Whoa, screamin’ at the sky


    Whoa, no place to hide

    Whoa, goin’ for a ride

    The slamming of the door

    Now she loves him evermore


    Screaming at the Sky


  • 03:38 Lyrics Coming Home

    Coming Home

    Drew James © 2009


    Sunrise on the highrise

    New light on mother land

    My key is in my pocket

    Right here underneath my hand


    I'm coming home

    I'm coming home


    Standing on the corner

    In a clash of city streets

    But I am miles above it

    For the world is at my feet


    (R) I'm coming home

    I'm coming home

    I'm coming home

    I'm coming home


    (C) Once behind my doorway

    Lived loneliness and chores

    Now that you are there for me

    All I'm living for is coming home

    Coming home

    And I'm coming home

    I'm coming home


    I'll step into the hallway

    Hang my coat up on the hook

    I'll find you in the kitchen

    With that million dollar look




    Someone who I'm sure was smart

    Said home is where you find your heart

    Even though that may be true

    Home has other meanings too

    For where we live is just a house

    We live within, but we can live without

    For me home's anywhere I find

    Your heart next to mine






  • 03:43 Lyrics Springtime in Your Eyes

    Springtime In Your Eyes

    Drew James © 2010


    Lay down your head on my soft feather bed

    And speak some gentle words to me

    The past has gone away there's no road to yesterday

    Tomorrow's an empty canvas for our dreams


    When the snow line drops below the hill

    When the cold wind blows across the sky

    When the ice flows from the windowsill

    It will still be springtime in your eyes


    Like a bird in the tree you sang your song to me

    And I knew that we would never part

    It didn't take long before you became that song

    And you built your nest deep within my heart








    I feel it begin just beneath my skin

    When your tender charms come out to play

    I've been waiting all the while on your crooked smile

    Just waiting to love another day




    Until the parade has marched away

    I will live to love another day

    As sure as the morning sun can rise

    It will always be springtime in your eyes


  • 05:21 Lyrics Gin Proof Canoe

    Gin-Proof Canoe

    Drew James © 2010


    The dance floor is all wet and slippery

    My ice cubes are melting on the bar

    The bartender has a loose elbow

    An old injury from the war


    I see no end to my problems

    The smoke is too thick to see through

    There's only one thing that can save me

    What I need is a gin-proof canoe


    A gin-proof canoe

    I'll sail it straight back to you

    Far away from this barstool

    High and dry in my gin-proof canoe

    My gin-proof canoe


    The rain is pounding on the rooftop

    I hear the cold howl of the wind

    Lock all the doors and the windows

    It sounds like they're trying to come in


    I've drawn it right here on this napkin

    I've worked on it all afternoon

    I'll finish it up by this evening

    It's the plans for my gin-proof canoe




    The nights in this place are so beautiful

    The neon paints all the walls

    The bottles all shimmer with color

    I can't see out that window at all


    I feel so safe and so comfortable

    I've chased away all of my blues

    The bartender wiped up my ice cubes

    With the plans for my gin-proof canoe


    My gin-proof canoe

    Some day I will see those plans through

    And I'll sail it straight back to you

    High and dry in my gin-proof canoe

    My gin-proof canoe


  • 03:52 Lyrics Whispering in the Moonlight

    Whispering in the Moonlight

    Drew James © 2011


    Eyes of a thief

    Heart of a stranger

    Poison poured into a wise guy's wine

    After the deal he collapsed at the wheel

    Winner take all and a car to steal


    Bagged and gagged

    Trembling in silence

    Royal flush still in his hand

    A carnival punk and a waterfront drunk

    Stole the gambler's car and locked him in the trunk


    They were whispering in the moonlight

    In their sad romantic dance

    He came along with a sawed off shotgun

    And she just came along for the laughs


    Shadowed fields

    Split by the highway

    Headlights burning through the cold dark night

    Lowjack trace turned a license plate

    Radar gun and a high speed chase




    Blood on the keys

    Hollow tomorrows

    Flowers of innocence burning bright

    Together they died like Bonnie and Clyde

    And the coroner ruled it as a suicide



  • 03:31 Lyrics California


    Drew James © 2004


    I hear you calling to me

    A haunting, distant melody


    Looking up into the sky

    Which star points the way tonight

    To the land of my dreams


    California (X4)


    I’m knocking on your door

    My future’s written on your shore


    You’re the bet that I will make

    You’re the chance that I will take

    You’re the hope I’ve been waiting for


    California (X4)


    Someone said the world is small

    Who it was I can’t recall


    Though we’re half a world apart

    You’re right here in my heart

    Your name is written on my wall


    I’ll let you borrow

    All my tomorrows

    A debt you won’t have to repay

    For I can think of no better way

    To spend all my days


    Though we’re half a world apart

    You’re right here in my heart

    Your name is written on my wall


    California (X4)

  • 03:57 Lyrics Bottom of Your Heart

    Bottom of Your Heart

    Drew James © 2011


    This windy trail led to the highway

    Where the rusty hills bake in the sun

    The time was all wrong and the wait was too long

    At this crossroads of your way and my way


    It may be too late for a new start

    Once you've finished your last goodnight kiss

    But just in case won't you save me a place

    Somewhere at the bottom of your heart


    I've always been a long way from perfect

    And sometimes I'm a long way from home

    And I never knew the meaning of true loving

    Until you came along


    There's a freshly cut rose from the garden

    Off to join a new found bouquet

    The stem left behind is all withered and dried

    Its few leaves broken and hardened


    In winter that stem has a new sprout

    That in springtime blooms into a rose

    Maybe love can grow from the hope that I've sown

    Somewhere at the bottom of your heart




    (repeat second verse)

    Maybe love can grow from the hope that I've sown

    Somewhere at the bottom of your heart


  • 03:12 Lyrics Lady Luck

    Lady Luck

    Drew James © 2009


    She knows the best of me

    She knows the worst of me

    She knows the ins and outs of all my fragile fantasies

    She'd break the bank for me

    She'd walk the plank for me

    Cross your fingers Lady Luck


    She spends her nights on me

    She shines a light on me

    She does everything to keep from losing sight of me

    She takes the bait for me

    She ups the stakes for me

    Cross your fingers Lady Luck


    We'll lay it all down on the line

    Spin that big wheel and let it ride

    Together we can win

    I won't know where I end and she begins


    I pull my strings for her

    I whisper things to her

    I'd put on boxing gloves and I'd climb into the ring for her

    I'd sell my soul for her

    Then spend it all on her

    Cross your fingers Lady Luck




    I've built a world for her

    It spins and twirls for her

    I'd sail the seven seas and every flag I would unfurl for her

    I'll bet my life on her

    Then pass the dice to her

    Cross your fingers Lady Luck


    And I feel like my number's coming up

    Cross your fingers Lady Luck (X2)

  • 04:21 Lyrics Troubles for a Cowboy Hat

    Troubles For A Cowboy Hat

    Drew James © 2010


    I'm going back to Texas where I came from

    I'm gonna leave this New York City far behind

    This big town left me flat

    Now I ain't never coming back

    I'm gonna trade my troubles for a cowboy hat


    I had a dream that once did not seem crazy

    A boyhood dream that I just had to chase

    I wasn't so much out for fame and fortune

    It was more like trying to win the human race


    But sometimes dreams don't end the way you wanted

    Sometimes things just don't go as planned

    Happiness is only where you find it

    And I guess sometimes it takes a moving van




    I landed here with hope and expectations

    I felt I had the whole world at my feet

    But when they turned the bright lights out on Broadway

    I could see that it was just another street


    There's so many people in Manhattan

    Seven million call this island home

    But somehow out there on those crowded sidewalks

    I get lonelier than I've ever known




    Maybe I wasn't meant to be successful

    Maybe I'm just naïve and confused

    But I could never call myself a winner

    When it meant someone else had to lose


    So if you're ever out in New York City

    As you walk beneath that beautiful skyline

    Maybe you can keep an eye out for me

    There's a dream I lost there maybe you can find



    This big town left me flat

    Now I ain't never coming back

    I'm gonna trade my troubles for a cowboy hat

    I'm gonna trade my troubles for a cowboy hat


  • 04:31 Lyrics Cradle and All

    Cradle and All

    Drew James © 2009


    Rock-a-bye baby

    On the treetop

    When the wind blows

    The cradle will rock

    When the bow breaks

    The cradle will fall

    And down will come baby

    Cradle and all


    When the bow breaks

    The baby will fall

    And I'll hear her crying

    From right down the hall

    Hush little baby

    Don't you weep

    Daddy's right here

    And I'll sing you to sleep




    When the bow breaks

    The baby will fall

    So I lie awake

    Afraid she might call

    Tossing and turning

    Right through the dawn

    Thinking the worst

    If the call doesn't come



Screaming At the Sky is a one man show with Drew on guitars, harmonica and keyboards, recorded in his own studio. As with his earlier albums, many of the songs on Screaming At the Sky deal with life's unfairness, and also with those epiphanies that somehow reveal to us what's really important. We're going to hear three of the twelve songs on Screaming At the Sky, and we'll start off with one of those songs about life's uncertainties - which happens to be the title track.
-- Butch Kara - KZGM- FM Kaleidoscope Program 77 Announcer's Transcript

Drew's music exhibits a very unique style. This derives from his rhythmic acoustic guitar and his "easy listening" clear vocals. You immediately begin to appreciate his clear vocals as Drew draws you in with his storylike songwriting. When decorated with his subtle but effective harmonica and keyboard accompaniment, the songs tease you into listening again and again -- with the reward of growing more pleasing with each listen. You will not be disappointed.

Award winning songwriter Drew James performs his solo act all over the west coast, primarily in the bay area. Drew’s songs receive airplay in the U.S. and Europe. His favorite venues are open air fairs, markets and festivals.

Award Winning Songwriter


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